Extra Services at Tudor Rose Gatwick Parking

Our Basic Package

Our basic service has the following benefits:

1. Car Park Meet and greet services available 24 hours, 365 days a year.
2. Car park within minutes of both Gatwick North Terminal and Gatwick South Terminal.
3. Competitive prices - we promise that no one can beat us for the same service!
4. No waiting and no crowded coaches.
5. A unique and personal service - the VIP treatment.
6. Our fully insured chauffeurs will be happy to help you with your luggage and are in constant contact with base.
7. Windows cleaned, cars started and warmed in winter.
8. Optional Car Body Inspection on arrival.
9. Optional 'POWER START' for all flat batteries.
10. Star service from the disabled.

Your booking reservation is confirmed using the most up-to-date computer technology.
Just give us a call on our two dedicated numbers 10-15 minutes prior to your arrival at the terminal of your choice and our driver with the distinctive red cap with the Tudor Rose Logo will be there to meet you.
We automatically monitor your return flight on our in-house flight information system so we are ready to return your car to you within minutes, delay or no delay.
Just telephone us from the landside of Customs and your vehicle will be brought to you within 10-15 minutes giving you ample time to get to the meeting point.

Business Parking

For business travellers flying out from Gatwick Airport, Valet Parking is ideal to expedite a swift transfer from car to plane.

Read more about our Business Parking.

If you upgrade to our Gold Service you will receive the Basic Package plus:

- Undercover parking.
- Cancellation protection.
- Full inspection.

Undercover Parking

For the discerning owner or for that 'Classic Car', Undercover Parking and Garaged Parking is available at Tudor Rose as an optional extra.
Undercover Parking is where the vehicle is covered but open on two or more sides. Garaged Parking is where the vehicle is covered and closed on three sides.
Undercover Parking can be selected in the online booking process by selecting the ‘Gold Service' option in the booking procedure.
Cancellation protection and a Full Inspection is included as standard with this option.

Our Auto Valets

Tudor Rose Car Wash

Hand Wash and Wax, Exterior windows polished, Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed.

Tudor Rose Mini Valet

Includes - wash/wax/interior vacuum/tyres & bumpers dressed/windows polished.

Tudor Rose Executive Valet

Includes- wash/wax/windows polished/tyres & bumpers dressed/interior and boot vacuumed and deodorised/door shuts cleaned/dashboard cleaned and dressed.
Please note: All Auto-Valets are carried out by hand. Loose items are bagged together and placed in the boot of your car for your personal distribution.
Car valeting is carried out at our Valeting Station 1 mile away.
Read more about Tudor Rose Valeting and pricing.

Full Body Inspection

In all cases photo images of each side of your vehicle is taken on arrival at the terminal.
For the discerning owner or for that 'classic car' a full body inspection is offered on arrival at Car Park or Terminal.
An Inspection Document is completed by our driver marking all damage (if any) on a diagram of a car. This takes approximately 5-10 minutes depending on the condition of the vehicle. This vehicle is then checked on the return by the Customer.

Payment Protection

Payment Protection is essential in these days of economic recession, volcanic ash, inclement weather or traffic chaos. For as little as £2 protect your payment.


For the frequent flyer or business traveller book and cancel at a moments notice. Just one call from you and we are there.


Vehicles can be transferred between one airport and another - for example, you are able to fly out of Heathrow and land at Gatwick and still have your car waiting at the terminal as usual.